A site dedicated to connecting Citizens with the programs designed to help them
This site is dedicated to connecting citizens with the government programs that exist to help them! Government programs exist to use your tax dollars to provide help to individuals who cannot help themselves. This may be in the form of items required to survive, like food or shelter, or in the form of opportunities, like education, starting a business. Whatever your situation our goal is to guide you through the benefits available.
    This site is a guide to finding common government services that exist to help taxpaying citizens. This site primarily focuses on the vital necessities, but we do have links to help with education, starting a business, home ownership, etc. We have collected together information from dozens of sources to help you find, and understand the government benefits available to you.


    All tax paying citizens can gain something from government programs, depending on their needs. There are programs that can fit any financial situation and stage of life, but usually programs are designed to provide for people who cannot provide for themselves. Use common sense. If, for example, you know you can afford to pay your rent every month, your really shouldn't apply for low income housing. If however, you want to start a business, go to school, or some other project that is just out of reach, or if you can't pay your rent every month, this is the site for you!

What will I find on MYGOVBENEFITS.INFO?

    This site mainly covers items required for survival, since in today's economy more than 25% of the population survives on some type of government aid. However, due to popular demand we have placed links to sites in our Other Programs section regarding programs other than low income for financial hardship. Our site is organized into 4 sections:

Low Cost Housing: This page contains information for people who need help paying rent.

Food Stamps: This page has help for low income individuals who need help with food.

Utility Assistance: Has links for programs to help with utility bills for low income individuals.

Other Programs: Has links for non-income based government programs as well as non-government programs and non-income based programs.